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About Nelstorms Blog 

Welcome fans and friends!—and foe: Ha! 

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You are exactly where you’re supposed to be right now.  Your favorite gossip destination. 
Nelstorms blog is the top News and Entertainment blog run by celerity blogger Nelson Storm. Bringing you the best and latest breaking news, celebrity gossip and the hottest stories from around the world. Get your Daily Dose of the hottest happenings on the planet. And even more, find sports, health and beauty tips as well as the very best in celeb fashion and style.

We deliver only accurate and real news on Nelstorms blog. Trust me—no fake stuff here.  If you got any stories you want us to look at and publish, contact us or you simply wish to advertise, we promise to do just that in the best way that will thrill your mind. 
This is from me to you: Welcome to the magical world of gossip at your fingertips. Enjoy! 
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